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Sunday, October 13, 2013
The Gains of Poor Health

 I have been wasting my energies on Facebook these past several months.  How ungratifying and wasteful that has been. That is worth a blog in of itself. 


Last weekend I drove to Ohio to visit my Aunt Jean who is 81 years old and still independent. She is a Gemini.  Along the drive to and from I noticed billboards along the highway advertising hospitals and hospital care systems.  I stopped off in Centerville, IN and saw the fairly new Reid Hospital, as shown in the photo.  All across this land the business of healthcare is dominant. Often in these small quasi-rural communities, it is the primary employer. I also saw ads for cancer treatment centers.  What a macabre state of affairs when a disease is so endemic, there is competition for its victims.  Treating cancer is so incredibly profitable that an entire niche of the medical industry is devoted to it.  .



Part II Next time the fat factor.

Posted at 05:56 pm by matherdesk
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Thursday, July 04, 2013
Thoughts on Independence Day

There is a huge American flag that hangs down from a heating and air conditioning vent at my gym.   Various weight machines are below it. Last night I sat down at one that makes you lean back slightly under a lift bar that raises weights a good work out for the upper arm biceps and latissimus dorsi of the upper back, and consequently stared at the flag as I did my reps.  (I sound like a jockette  haha but I go enough it should be somewhat legitimate to sound like one).  The whole Snowden affair sprung to mind and as it was the 3rd of July, I could feel my anger at the revelation our government routinely collects data on its citizens without any provocation rise again.  The thought came to me that this stink of fascism is such as slap to all the Veterans ever called upon to fight for the ideal of the United States of America. My father fought in WWII in Europe against tyranny and here it is raising its ugly head as nonchalantly as you please. It is a fucking dishonor to those who fought with valor under such difficult conditions.  I am revolted by the President’s disclaimer against our 4th amendment and I am revolted by the Congressmen who rationalized it.  They should all be impeached and recalled.


Posted at 03:03 pm by matherdesk
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Wednesday, July 03, 2013
Customer Service 101

Here is a piece of advice to all the anxious retailers out there in strip malls and brick and mortar malls across this bourgeois land:  instruct your sales staff to never let a customer leave without carrying the stores bag out with them!  Never let a customer wander around your store even if they are obviously just passing through without a sales person instructed to greet them and ask them if they are looking for anything special, we have some great, wonderful, lovely, good quality etc fill in the blank item for sale today, may I show them to you?  The key verb here is to instruct ��" it seems shopping in stores anymore as if the sales staff has absolutely no idea why they are there. With the retailers simply starving for sales why do they neglect this most apparent and certainly simple step?  As I leave having bypassed the check out counter I always wonder.

Posted at 07:43 pm by matherdesk
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