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Monday, May 26, 2014
A Bloated Farting Plot

After a lovely weekend at the cabin we started back quite early. We were on the road at 5:00 AM!  Poor Wallace was still afflicted with his gastrointestinal dispute after eating a dead fish head on Saturday and a mystery dead animal last Thursday afternoon, so he farted up a storm the entire ride home! Peeew!  In an analogous leaky manner two recent news stories flashed in the headlines as I perused the news on my phone. 

First, another school shooting at a university campus occurred, this time in affluent Sant Barbara, California resulting in the deaths of three tri Delts and three others.  Once again the chant Ban the Guns crescendos.  Just what if TPTB truly have Monarch Ultra K and are sending these depressed semi-sociopaths dopamine laden murderous commands?  After Sandy Hook, I am ready to believe it.

The second story was only ten minutes old.  Apparently the WH accidentally divulged who the top CIA dog was in Afghanistan through a leaky press release of some function happening over there.  The WP and NYT agreed to not print it as it put him and his family in danger. 

I refuse to believe these people are inept morons who would accidentally make such a slip up. It is more likely he was being exposed to remove him from the scene. For his own safety of course!  Add him to the list of demoted officers and diplomats during the Obama administration.  Are we even nearing the end of this debacle?  No.  That is what is so scary.

Underhanded corruption and wool pulling by the MSM off gases from the WH and this government like a hundred Wallaces in a Jeep.  I certainly would not mind them suffocating themselves on their own putrid farts.

Posted at 08:26 pm by matherdesk
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Sunday, October 27, 2013
Fat Nation Under God

Sugar and gluten equal gluttony? One of the 10 Deadly Sins.  Yet it is not that people want to be fat; it is the food that does it. There are so many sneaky grams of sugar in our food products; so many thickening starches that build up the fat cells, so many artificial sweeteners in the so-called diet products that mess with the insulin cycle in the body, that even dieting when you are already fat is a struggle. I read recently where the GMO wheat imitates glucogen in the cells which attract Thyroid Stimulating Hormone which is critical in creating an insulin balance between the cells and the sugar content of the blood. When TSH is fobbed away by these false molecules, the body is deprived of its needed action and sugar is not converted to energy but instead gets converted to fat. I would venture a very large percentage of our American population are deficient in not only thyroid function but in Vitamin D3, iron, and magnesium as well.  Add soda pop consumption, high fat content everything, and high alcohol intake, and you have got the production lines for one massive medical industry.


Since the trend appears to be that people will begin paying varying insurance rates based on their health status, perhaps this will create at least the motivation to look toward healthier diets and lifestyles.  Right now since the majority seems overweight, despite the popularity of shows like The Biggest Loser and in spite of the perennial slenderness of models and celebrity actresses, because it is the de facto condition, there is little social pressure to move towards healthier weights.

Posted at 09:49 pm by matherdesk
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Sunday, October 20, 2013
i wrote a poem last week while driving to & fro


Emptied Trees

Loss of dreams

Sleep to evade

Punishments long made

Overstocked on aisle nine

Our bankrupt children try to find

Their souls they lost

To Simpsons Faust

To wake! To wake

In a tsunamis embrace

Of plastic sludge

And mirrored fakes

Foment and fight

The foggy night

Climb over concrete cysts

Clear eyes but bruised fists

Posted at 09:24 pm by matherdesk
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